◆ 8月8日 Tapioca Milk Records からインタビューの見どころや推しポイントの解説記事が公開されました。これを読んでからインタビュー記事やポッドキャストを聞くと面白さ倍増です!


◆ 8月5日 ウェブメディア Qetic にインタビュー記事「台湾、アイヌ文化と自分をつなぐ『門』のような存在〜トンコリ奏者Bie Suoインタビュー」が掲載されました。


◆ 8月5日 Spotifyのポッドキャスト番組に出演しました。Tapioca Milk Record のアジアにまつわる音楽とストーリーをお届けするPodcast番組「タピレコのオフレコ / #8 台湾30ヶ所をライブで巡ったトンコリ奏者Bie Suoさんにリアルな話を聞いた」が公開されました。


◆ 6月15日 ニューアルバム「TONKORI SOUND SKETCH」がリリースされました。

・オフィシャルストア https://358shop.stores.jp

・オンラインストア https://linktr.ee/biesuo 

・ストリーミング&ダウンロード配信 https://linkco.re/BqHS1VV9


Bie Suo (ビエスオ) - New album



デジタルアルバムは、Apple Music、Spotifyほか音楽配信ストアで配信中。

CDはタワーレコード、HMVなど全国のCD / レコードショップ&各オンラインストアで発売中。


Bie Suo's New album " TONKORI SOUND SKEYCH (2 disc set) "

15.June.2022 Released.

BieSuo's new album will be released on June 15th at stores nationwide. 

Opening the door to the new world of Tonkori, which is a different from Ainu music.

An album that challenges the new possibilities of Tonkori. It's been nine years since I first met Tonkori. Her long-awaited 4th solo album by Bie Suo (ex. TENKOO Orchestra) who tried to reconstruct outside the tradition by facing Tonkori, facing roots, facing herself, engaging and dismantling.

For two years when all the live performances were suddenly canceled due to the appearance of the covid-19, the two-disc album contains a record of daily thoughts written with the sound of Tonkori as writing a diary. All performances, programming and recording by Bie Suo, and LMD's KABAMIX is in charge of mastering. An original work composed by Bie Suo with a total of 19 songs, including an ambient sound that mixes the natural sounds of the sea, mountains, and towns of Taiwan, a Tonkori solo, and a band ensemble. A two-disc set consisting of SKETCH 1 singing in Japanese, Chinese and English, and SKETCH 2 which is a collection of instrumental songs by Tonkori. 


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 Bie Suo 別所 (ビエスオ)


A singer, composer, and Tonkori player of the traditional Sakhalin Ainu instrument.

He worked as a percussionist in the TENKOO orchestra and many other units.

He released his 1st solo album in 2016 and was given Ainu name "Ramat Tuntek (it's mean The soul echoes)" by the Ainu elders. 

In 2017, started activities as a Tonkori player and singer.

In the same year, he released a live album "Dokuen".

In 2019, released the 3rd album "At the shore". 

2022 June 15, the 4th album "TONKORI SOUND SKETCH" will be released.







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