Masahiro Bessho a.k.a. Ramat Tuntek is a composer and performer of the Sakhalin Ainu stringed instrument "Tonkori".  Masahiro Bessho's music is a mixture of various folk music from around the world, including Ainu and Okinawan folk songs.

Masahiro Bessho's music engraves the traditions and spirits of the Aboriginal people, who are deeply involved with the earth, and resonates with the soul across borders, the world of sounds where Ainu, Okinawa and Africa intersect, releasing them to a new dimension.

In 2016 he released a solo album and was given named Ramat Tuntek from the elder of Ainu. 

The meaning of the name Ramat Tuntek "The sound of soul" who regain healing and calm to the people, who return the heart to the people.  

"Ainu" are Japanese indigenous people who have lived in Hokkaido since ancient times.



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Masahiro Bessho a.k.a. Ramat Tuntek



A singer, composer, and Tonkori player of the traditional Sakhalin Ainu instrument.

He worked as a percussionist in the TENKOO orchestra and many other units.

He released his 1st solo album in 2016 and was given Ainu name "Ramat Tuntek (it's mean soul sound)" by the Ainu elders. 

In 2017, he got a strong inspiration and renewed his musical expression, and started his activities as a Tonkori performer and singer.

Released the 2nd solo album in 2017.

The 3rd solo album "At the Shore ~ 在岸邉" will be released in 2019 with the idea that was born after the experience of two Taiwan performance tours.









 Due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, the live performance schedule is currently undecided.